Get to know Vandercard.

Are you a new Family member who's finding it difficult to get a head start in the Vanderconomy? Or maybe a veteran Family member that's fallen on hard times? We are proud to introduce Vandercard, the slickest new way to spend Vandercoin you don't have. Simply apply for Vandercard today, and you can begin spending Vandercoin you don't have right away.

Vandercard Amethyst is here.

Higher-ranking members with a Family Reputation of Exquisite or higher can now apply for Amethyst: the premium tier of the Vandercard exprience. Consume goods and services with never-before-seen fanciness with your Amethyst card.

Vanderstank Amethyst Petit Mal Vanderstank Amethyst Grand Mal

Inquire directly with a Family Elder to apply for a Vandercard Amethyst card.

Watch this video to find out more about Vandercard and the Vanderconomy!