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The next generation of human living.

Have you ever felt out-of-touch with your surroundings? Wished the people around you were a little smarter, a little deeper, and more peaceful? Felt like you belong somewhere... better? Life at the Vanderfield may be for you.

Located on a large plot of farmland in beautiful Arizona, the Vanderfield is a self-contained, self-sustaining commune where the brightest minds of the human race can visit together, vacation together, work together, and soon, even live together long-term.


Imagine a world unencumbered by social anxiety, corporate influence, war, or corruption. Where everyone is friendly and helpful, and being yourself doesn't need to be something you hide or make excuses for. Where you can harmonize with likeminded individuals, and collaborate to build a better future without relying on the troubled world around you.

That's the vision we have here at the Vanderfield. With our own in-house educational, social, and technological resources, food and other materials harvested on-site, a simple and fair zero-debt economy based on the Vandercoin cryptocurrency, and outside communication restricted to the Vandernet, we have created a self-contained, self-sustaining life that is not only good for the environment but good for the mind as well.


Imagine a future where we can power our everyday lives in harmony with our environment, rather than by harming it. We are very proud of the fact that there are no power lines connecting us to nearby Tucson—from the beginning, we started the Vanderfield with a 100kW solar farm to free ourselves from reliance on "the grid". This season, we've doubled down on our commitment to green power by constructing four new cutting-edge hygroscopic turbines that generate power using nothing but the changing moisture of the air around them. Along with a number of other breakthroughs, this will help us achieve our first year-round season with no autumn-winter break.


While the Vanderfield helps you, it also helps the human race. The Vanderfield is host to a continually evolving set of studies and research projects that bring the Vanderstank Family closer and closer to cracking the code to Enlightenment, some involving passive observation and some involving voluntary participation. And just like in past years, we've kept our promise to eliminate the parts of the Vanderfield experience you didn't like and reopen it with only the purest and most successful parts intact.

Doing good.

We’ve been working diligently to help and comfort those who suffered under earlier incarnations of the Vanderfield, and have ensured that all our future efforts to improve the human race benefit the individual, not just the greater good.

Did you have a problematic Vanderfield experience? Log in to your Vanderstank account to file a report or request reparations.