The Vanderstank Family has been playing the game of Chumbles for nearly 400 years. Now, we're proud to bring the magic of Chumbles from your living room to the computer screen.

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Chumbles Tutorial

Chumbles is a traditional family game that dates back hundreds of years. At its core, it is a board game driven by rolling dice, but along the way it gives you a chance to progress using elements from many other games, as well as a court of law, cooking challenges, and a quest to not anger the almighty god Chumblor lest he beat you in your ongoing game of chess.

Here's a quick overview of some of the rules:

Let's Get Chumbling!

Is this your first time playing Chumbles?

Oh no!

First-time players lose 10 Chumbles right off the bat.

Oh no!

Veteran players lose 10 Chumbles right off the bat.

You moved 2 spaces.

Oh no! You've landed on the Chumblesquare, angering the almighty god Chumblor! That's minus 25 Chumbles! You must now make a move in the ongoing game of chess you are playing with him, unless you wish to escape by using a free spin or another dice roll.

You moved 3 spaces.

You landed on a green triangle! You must now do one lap around the room, and your reward is one very delicious Chumble! Of course, the green triangle also awards you a free spin or a nine-card draw.

You moved 4 spaces.

You land on a blank space, which is boring. You lose one Chumble in accordance with the Boredom Law. You can counter the boredom charge by drawing 16 cards from the deck, challenge the Boredom Law in court, or roll again.

You moved 5 spaces.

You've landed on the Chef's Hat! You must cook a hearty Italian dinner, which will be judged by the Chumblechef. If you roll a 9 or higher, your meal will be cooked properly.

You moved 6 spaces.

You landed on the Devil's Horn! You must now read aloud from the Bible upside-down. That's minus 666 Chumbles and a mandatory spin of the spinner.

You moved 7 spaces.

Fuck! You've landed on the Chumbledunce square. That's minus 100 Chumbles. Put on your Chumbledunce hat, for you are a Chumbledunce and a loser.

You moved 8 spaces.

You've landed on the King's Spot. You are now the King of Chumbles! That's plus 8 Chumbles for you, and a free chance to spin the spinner, draw 16 cards, or move your queen in your chess game.

You moved 9 spaces.

You've landed on the Shape! That's 96 Chumbles for you, and a free spin!

You moved 10 spaces.

You landed on a Roll Again space. That's minus one Chumble. Roll again, asshole.

You moved 11 spaces.

Oh no! You've landed in the Chumblebox. You'll lose your turn, 25 Chumbles, and 25 Respect Points... unless you do one of the following:

You moved 12 spaces.

Congratulations, you landed on the Chumble Power Cube! You win 10 Chumbles and an iTunes gift card. What are you going to do with this?

You spent 51 Chumbles on a free turn.

According to the Chumbles Law of Corruption, you lose 70 Respect Points.

You challenged a Law.

The Chumbleparliament will review your challenge. Your challenge will be upheld if you roll a 9 or higher.

You moved your knight forward on the chess board.

Oh no! You moved right into the path of Chumblor's bishop, and he took out your knight! You lose $10.

You drew a letter from the Chumblebag.

You drew 9 cards.

Congratulations! One of the cards you drew was the Queen of Leaves! You gain one Leaf, but lose 60 Chumbles in compliance with the Chumblequeen Law.

You moved your queen forward.

Oh no! Your Queen landed right on top of the Chumblemine that the god Chumblor placed on that chess square! You lose 19 Chumbles, but gain one Medal of Honor for your bravery. You have also been charged $1.29 for a new Queen.

You sacrificed the Chumble Power Cube to Chumblor.

You gain 50 Respect Points, but Chumblor robs you of $250 and your iTunes gift card.

You drew 16 cards.

The sum of all your cards was 59, plus a Jack and an Instructions card. That's a 24-Chumble gain for you of course, minus one for the instructions card, and the Jack is yours to keep.


You spun harder.

Holy shit, that was way too hard! You've angered the almighty god Chumblor, who originally crafted that spinner with his bare hands. That's an unprecedented 1500-Chumble penalty, and a property damage lawsuit. You were also charged $4.99 for a replacement spinner.


You spun the spinner.

The spinner landed on .

The spinner was meaningless! Nothing happened.

You drew 32 cards.

Uh-oh, that's too many cards! You've angered the god Chumblor, meaning you must make another move on the chess board!

You moved your queen, bishop, and knight forward.

You have enraged the god Chumblor! He knocks over the chess board - that's minus $24.99 and 7 Respect Points for you. He also steals your gift card.

You drew two more letters.

Oh no, it's a and a ! That's not even a letter! That's minus 120 Chumbles for you.