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V0012 T. Carlyle Varnum

Titles: Consciousness Streamwizard, Former Grand Cruncher

Badge Collection: black badgeiron badgepoweruser badgegoldenoak badge

As a former member of the 'Rabbit Cabal of the Paratheoanametamystikhood of Eris Esoteric Wherein Praise is Given Kallist, Our Lady of Discord,' Travis fit right in here at Vanderstank as our resident Vanderstank Evangelist. Not only does he fulfill a crucial role in supporting the Church, but he is indeed the company's Director of V-Commerce, the company's proprietary Point Commodification and Aggregation System, which allows members of the Family to acquire Power Units and contribute Thoughts to the company in exchange for Vanderpoints, a prized commodity in the Vanderbank. Travis is one of the guiding beacons that have allowed us to create an economically self-sufficient society. Prior to his current role, Travis undertook a more secret role in the company which still has no name due to its unofficial nature.

Travis, being the most beautiful member of the Board, was always well loved by the Family, but he earned his stature in creation of the enigmatic "Project Rabbit," an objective success in recon and market experimentation. While this wild success to which the company may attribute its growth during the Vanderstank 5.0 initiative was significantly grand, Travis's contirbutions to the Family's presence go even farther back when he sought to promote the I Believe Poppy project by creating stories that generated attention by way of the "Too Good to be True" principle. Indeed, Travis fancies himself, with little opposition, as one of the most important Executives the company has and will ever see.