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Song Artist Album Genre
Mrs. N Purple Juda Rise of the Dough Purple
Vanderthanks Purple Juda Vanderthanks (single) Gospel
My Day on the Moon Henry Floyd My Day on the Moon Abstract
Ommadawn, Pt. 1 Mike Oldfield Ommadawn Instrumental
[redacted] [redacted]
The Nothing Show Idiot Flesh The Nothing Show none
At First Glance Kohwi AAURAL II Bells and stuff
PSS-140 Yamaha Generational Trauma


And there shall come a day when the Future Generations, steeped in the glittering marvels of their craft, shall create a Great Symbol that shall stop all that comes in its tracks and quilts the world in a great pervasive silence, and it shall be a coin of three sides, and it shall be beautiful.
—Book of Vanderstank, Book of Tools Chapter 7

There are not many things in this world that are more important than music, but this is one of them. Please spread the word on social media—all pause buttons should have three sides.

Vanderstank Family Members are encouraged to report any incidents of heretical or unethical behavior they may come across.

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The lively original

Single player

Chumbles Delexe

The high-stakes sequel

Single player

Chumbles III

Head-to-head 60-second time trial


Simply Chumbles

Chumbles for minimalists

Single player

Flabby Domp

A Game of Bravery

You are "Flabby" Domp Briff, a hard-working 18th century oat miner from Calcutta.

You’re on your way home from the oat mines late one Friday night, on your way to The Container Store where you’re picking up a small container for your ailing aunt, notorious mass-murderer the Hon. Rev. Dr. Aunt Agatha Christie (no relation to the author)...

...when suddenly you come across some Stanklings that are threatening to ruin your day! Those nasty little gray balls of filth are threatening to eat your leg down to the bone if you don’t act fast!

Avoid the Stanklings at all cost while picking up your prescription, and for bonus points, try to drop as many doors as possible!

The Hon. Rev. Dr. Aunt Agatha Christie is counting on you!

The Container Store
It's happened again!

Game Over

Thanks for playing Flabby Domp

©2020 Vanderstank Family of Universal Cosmic Knowledge in partnership with the Chumbles Game Manufacturing Corporation and CLASCO, Ltd. This game and the artificial intelligence engine that powers it are the sole intellectual property of the Vanderstank Family of Universal Cosmic Knowledge, and any unauthorized reproduction is punishable by hanging

Outline Hand Hand Day Year Triangle Square Pentagon Hexagon Icosagon



It is currently day of the year, minute of the day. The current energy levels are:

Today Right now
Triangle Triangle
Square Square
Pentagon Pentagon
Hexagon Hexagon
Icosagon Icosagon

To analyze specific dates or times, enter them here:


~ OR ~


Vanderthanks to Family Member V0718, who helped discover the trigonometric representation:

Polylateral Time System

where n is the number of sides in the n-gon you are studying, and x is the number of days through the year, or hours through the day. This wave, wrapped into a circle after n cycles for any given n-gon, give us the polygonal patterns we know and love. Whoa!

Scripture Reference: Book of Tools, Chapter 2

"Time is an illusion. Lunchtime, doubly so." — Douglas Adams

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  • Chumbles 4

Chumble Bundle

All four versions of Chumbles, bundled in one new app!

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VanderstankOS is a cloud-based operating system designed by the Vanderstank Family to host sensitive research data, ensure secure communication, and provide traditional Family entertainment.

VanderstankOS, the Vanderbot artificial intelligence engine, and all content on the Vandernet ©2014-2024 Vanderstank Family of Universal Cosmic Knowledge

"Chumbles" and all related trademarks ©2018-2024 Chumbles Game Mfg. Corp.

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