For over 400 years, Chumbles! Game Manufacturing Corp. has been producing iconic board games for families around the world.



The game that started it all. Play your way around the board, make chess moves, draw cards, spin the spinner, pick up letter tiles, cook for the Chumblechef—oh, and don't anger the almighty god Chumblor!

Chumbles Delexe

Chumbles! Delexe

For veteran players looking to take things to the next level, Chumbles! Deluxe brings the Chumbles! experience to life—but this time with way more rules, way more dice, and way more fun!

Fuck! Some packages may have Delexe misspelled as "Deluxe". Life is a horrifying, mysterious spiral down into the depths of our fear of the unknown

Chumbles for Kids

Chumbles! for Kids!

We know what kids like! The traditional Chumbles rules have been thrown out in favor of a new rulebook that favors children and includes a very heavy focus on corn syrup consumption. Hey mom and dad—look who's being abusive now!

Chumbles Doritos Locos

Doritos Locos Chumbles!

The game that started it all, now with an assortment of crunchy Doritos Locos parts and pieces! Yes, some pieces of the game are really eatable—have fun finding out which ones!


Chumbles! Monopoly Edition

For its 400th anniversary, Chumbles! parnered with the equally iconic Monopoly to create a special version of Chumbles! whose board, pieces, and rules are all identical to Monopoly. It's even sold in a genuine Monopoly box!


NEW! Chumbles! on VOS

We've partnered with the Vanderstank Family to bring you the first-ever digital version of Chumbles! for free, only on the VanderstankOS operating system.

Play it now!