Vandernet: The New Internet.

The current internet—yes, the one you're using right now—is on its last legs. In its heyday, it was groundbreaking and inspiring. But in its current state—overcrowded, strictly controlled, and riddled with malware—its glory days are over.

What if we could start from scratch?

We have. The web browser built into VanderstankOS no longer connects to the regular internet but the Vandernet: a new, free, separate, independent parallel network of websites only accessible via VanderstankOS.

The slate is wiped clean. Every domain is free. Want to be the new "a.com"? "ebay.com"? Even "whitehouse.gov"? Just submit a request, and it could be yours today.

The Vanderstank Family created the Vandernet in order to create a safe haven for unusual research and discoveries and secure communication, but you can use it however your heart desires.

Doesn't it feel good to start over?

Log on today at vanderstank.com/os.