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The next generation of human living.

Have you ever felt out-of-touch with your surroundings? Wished the people around you were a little smarter, a little deeper, and more peaceful? Felt like you belong somewhere... better? Life at the Vanderfield may be for you.

The brilliant minds at Vanderstank Industries have spent years creating this beautiful world we call the Vanderfield. Located on a huge plot of land in beautiful Arizona, the Vanderfield is a self-contained, self-sustaining commune where Enlightened members of the Vanderstank Family can live together, work together, and thrive together.

Life at the Vanderfield

Imagine a world where you wake up in the morning, get out of bed, and... do whatever YOU want to do. That's the vision we have here at the Vanderfield. With a Vanderpoint-based economy, food and other products made on-site, and members that require less natural resources after their Treatment, we have created a life that is not only enjoyable and enriching, but good for the environment and completely self-sustaining as well.

Life at the Vanderfield is simple and peaceful‐free of war, free of social classes, free of huge corporations—even free of most technology, except for a selection of Q-Tech-enabled Vanderstank products. This is how life should be.

The Vanderstank Mission

The Vanderfield may sound like the dream of some fantasy writer, but it's actually just the next logical step in the Vanderstank mission. Now that we've perfected our path towards Enlightenment, it only makes sense that our Enlightened members should have a living experience where they can shed the human disadvantages and materialistic desires of the outside world, and live among fellow Vanderstank Family in harmony and peace that the outside world may never know.

Simply put—the Mission is to Enlighten the human race, and now we finally have a place for Enlightened to live and prosper.

Learn more Vanderstank and ask if you can be a part of the Vanderfield, at

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