Vandercoin is a new cutting-edge cryptocurrency that harnesses the power of sympathetic mining to dynamically ensure positive investment with minimal energy loss while harmonically sustaining the shared goals and values of the Vandercoin community as a whole.

Thanks to recent breakthroughs in the field of econosynergistics, Vandercoin has been precision engineered to be a self-optimizing currency. This means that where other currencies fall short, Vandercoin has its future built right in.

How can Vandercoin ensure such premium value? It's all down to the magic of sympathetic mining: The power of the community as a whole is leveraged in a self-balancing energy loop that cultivates raw wealth through a breakthrough value propagation system. Even in the smallest fragment of Vandercoin code, value can be directly observed growing organically in parallel with the synergism of the Vandercoin community.

The death of traditional currency is near

Vandercoin is purchasable by members of the Vanderstank Family of Universal Cosmic Knowledge