Research: Current

We have always struggled to find the time to adequately research the practical applications of the Polylateral Time System. These new tools offer to help streamline our research.

Outline Hand Hand Day Year Triangle Square Pentagon Hexagon Icosagon



It is currently day of the year, minute of the day. The current energy levels are:

Yearly Daily
Triangle Triangle
Square Square
Pentagon Pentagon
Hexagon Hexagon
Icosagon Icosagon

To analyze specific dates that may not be labelled in the diagram, enter it here:


Vanderthanks to VFUCKER Madster, who helped figure out how to express the PTS in trigonometric form:

y = –|sin((π/(365.2422/n))x)|+1

where n is the number of sides in the n-gon you are studying, and x is the number of days through the year, or hours through the day. This wave, wrapped into a circle after n cycles for any given n-gon, give us the polygonal patterns we know and love.

Scripture Reference: Book of Tools, Chapter 2

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