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Vocabulation Area

This is a VFUCK Certified Void for vocabulation. Vocabulation is an important part of your daily ritual. Screams may be added for embellishment.


The next Blue Session will be held on the next Square vertex.

The next Red Session will be held on the next Pentagon vertex.

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Sacred Materials:

Charleston's System

Current Status: Failed

VFuckME Cards

Your VFuckMe card is your personal family identification card which can be used for free admission to restricted areas of the Church of Vanderstank, a 25% discount on Indulgences, a free glass of Sangiovese at that one Italian restaurant in Tucson where Bluebird used to work, and a sickening sense of importance and self-entitlement.

Registered VFUCKERs may print a copy of their personalized VfuckMe card by entering their unique download code here:

"Perhaps a lunatic is simply a minority of one." — George Orwell

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The session you suggested has been suggested. Digestion of your session suggestion may continue for days, months, or years. Reply will arrive via your unique method. Feel free to meet up anyway, regardless of insuggestedness.


Thank you for your vocabulation.

Your vocabulation has been received, but will not be received, according to the Agreement. Processing will occur or not occur based on the Agreement.