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Are you a Good Person? Clever, creative, inspired? Loyal to the Cause? Curious about the ways your life can be improved through our signature tools? Patient enough to stay calm as the secrets of the Universe unfold before you? Then you've made the right choice.

Remember, membership in the Vanderstank Family goes both ways—you will learn powerful things and become wiser than anyone you know, but you also have a responsibility to the Family. A good Family member must do his duty to keep the Family alive, spread the good word, and correct those who must be corrected. Be sure you are ready for this task before signing up.

Personalize your Vanderstank membership

As the proverb says, "There are many paths to the top of the mountain." We know that different people find the Truth in different ways, so now we ask you to think about this: Are you a White Badge member or a Black Badge member?

Vanderstank White Badge

White Badge Member

White Badge members are our thinkers and dreamers, ever seeking transcendence and enlightenment. They are sometimes more introverted, preferring to contemplate the universe rather than party. They are often more concerned with heavenly pursuits than earthly ones. Their elements are air and water.

Vanderstank Black Badge

Black Badge Member

Black Badge members are our boots on the ground, the workers, the fighters, the protectors. They tend to be more social and down-to-earth. Black Badge members build our future from the ground up, and they aren't afraid to get their hands dirty. They are often more concerned with earthly pursuits than heavenly ones. Their elements are earth and fire.