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As we push forward into the digital age, there is only one company leading the way when it comes to software systems and next-generation gaming: Vanderstank Technologies.

Vanderstank OS

When you got your computer, you said you'd be with it in sickness and in health. But lately you've been thinking of leaving it for a younger, sexier computer system. Well here's your chance. The world's greatest computer interface is here, and you don't even have to leave your browser to use it. Introducing Vanderstank OS, the software that will replace Mac and Windows as the leading OS for computers everywhere. And it's yours to try for free, today.


Vanderstank: The Game

An interactive, browser-based, choose-your-own-adventure style game that will help you imagine what it's like to be part of the Vanderstank executive team, instead of the scummy little speck of dirt on the face of humanity you are.


Vanderstank Luxury Film Studios

We don't just make films... we genetically engineer them to perfection.

Vanderstank's top secret luxury film studios, formerly Jon Howe Studios, is committed to bringing you only the highest-quality films in the industry. We produce our films on free-range farms, feed them with only the healthiest organic food, and slaughter and cook them in humane and painless ways.

While our existing library of films is unfortunately retricted to the higher-ranking members of the Vanderstank community, we are hard at work crafting films for the public. Stay tuned!

Vanderstank Luxury Records

We're proud to welcome the newest addition to our corporate lineup: a record label for aspiring artists that we're proudly calling Vanderstank Luxury Records.

All recording artists signed to Vanderstank Luxury Records receive complimentary studio time, a cake on their birthday, and a 100% non-refundable guarantee of at least a 65% chance of the sale of at least one copy of one album.

Currently the only band signed to our label is Vermont rock band Purple Juda.