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Arcadia Research and Development Technology, otherwise known as Arcadia Group, is a machine design and production company that began as the pet project of Executive Vice President Phelix McGraw Jordanesque Cornflakes "The Sliding Skytongue" Hemmitt. It was absorbed into Vanderstank Industries as part of the Vanderstank 6.0 initiative.

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Q-Tech is here.

We are proud to announce our most revolutionary product line yet: Q-Tech, Arcadia's patented line of high-tech products infused with the technological magic of quantum mechanics. Whether you're communicating with your business associate without lifting a finger, controlling the lights in your smart home with just a passing thought, or even venturing into the great beyond with our experimental quantum realm features, quantum technology is finally here for the masses.

Look for the new Q logo on the Vanderstank and Arcadia products you love. "If it doesn't have the Q, it's not for you."


It's one thing to infuse our technology into VanderstankLife products, but it's another thing entirely to show the world what the Q-Tech platform is truly capable of. That's why Arcadia is unveiling its first all-new product in the Q-Tech line: QEComm, the first publicly available Quantum Entanglement Communications platform. This platform can be used with our newly launched products such as QUSB, as well as our upcoming line of cranial implants. Members who have undergone the full Quantum Treatment process can use QEComm to communicate without any product or device.


Sometimes new technology paradigms can take the world completely by surprise and leave backwards compatibility in the dust. Not us! At the personal request of Arcadia Director Phelix McGraw Jordanesque Cornflakes "The Sliding Skytongue" Hemmitt, QEComm technology comes packed into a USB stick which can decrypt our patented quantum entanglement communications pathway and, when combined with a system designed for it (such as VanderstankOS) provide full functionality with any and all Q-Tech products.

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That's not all—Look for the Q-Tech logo on VanderstankLife products, too!